NobelTalk Calling Cards

Introducing NobelDialer
For iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

International calls made EASY!
It's FREE and you don't need to dial Access Numbers, to enter PINs or Destination Numbers. We do it for you. Simply download and install the application for your smartphone and start calling!

Nobel Dialer
  • Automatically dials Access Number, PIN and Destination Number
  • Easy to use, faster calling sequence
  • Works with PIN-less (ANI)
  • Fast Dial through Favorites screen
  • Call your Address Book Contacts
  • Call History
  • Built in Access Number list
  • Customer service calls via Toll-Free number
How to use
  • Download & install (get it FREE for your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry)
  • Launch NobelDialer and follow the one time 3 steps setup wizard
  • Simply enter the country code and the rest of the destination number. NO "011" or "+" needed.
    For example:
    - for calls to United States: 1 555 41545412
    - for calls to United Kingdom: 44 20 70789134